Our Remarks

Good afternoon,

Your volunteers are all amazing, the course is wonderful (much harder than I had a clue I was getting into). The other runners were also great. I needed a finish for so many reasons (both running and non-running related). I started running a little over two years ago when my marriage, my job, my life… blew up. I have two young boys (just babies then), and I packed up and started my life over with $20 in my pocket and a great family to go home to. I ran because of stress and heartache (like so many I am sure). I ran because I had done it a bit in high school. I ran because I love it. I ran to escape. I ran because it gave me control. I ran…

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During all of this running, I laughed and cried and blew my body up doing too much too soon. But I just knew I could do this. I feel like I am meant to. Along the way, I fell in love and had my heart broken. I have learned that, for me, that is the worst running injury. Ann Trason said this is a thinking sport. And it is. For me, it is also one where you run with your heart. I had trained hard last summer and fall. Hard. So many races where a DNF or DNS because my heart and head got in the way. I came to Texas, where I was unknown, and I could run with the one person I am only truly ever in competition with myself.

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