March 3, 2021


How a Penis Extender will help you grow your Penis
Well, if your sex life is starting to become a nuisance to your partner, then the problem could be with the size of your member. And when it comes to increasing it, you have the choice of pills and supplements that could be unsafe and less effective. But the penis extenders are non-invasive and will enable you to increase your penis size without getting a doctor’s prescription. Penis extenders use penile traction which is a proven and effective scientific way of enlarging your penis. This is possible through cytokinesis and mitosis biological processes in your body that result in a permanent increase in the mass of your penis.

However, there are multiple penis extender brands in the market, and getting the ideal one may prove a daunting task. Surgeries are also complicated procedures that may end up hurting your finances and causing other side effects. On the other hand, pills promise fast results but they are unregulated and untested and could be hazardous to your body.

Top Three Penis Extenders in the market

Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro is the top-rated penis extender in the market currently. It comes with an array of features and customizations that ensures maximum comfort to the user while delivering penis lengthening. It uses penile traction like other penis extenders to give you a size gain. As this extender furthers across the penis length, it results in tears in the penis tissues that results in cell division and multiplication that are essential for penis growth. But don’t worry about these tears since they occur normally in your body during various body processes like when building muscles; they eventually heal.

One of the top unique features with this penis extender is its double-strap system (DSS) which consists of two silicone straps to keep your penis secure. Besides, it comes in a comfortable design due to the spreading of the weight to the 2 tubes and silicone is more hygienic and comfortable, unlike cheaper materials that can be used in other penis extenders. The extra comfort enables you to last longer while being comfortable in the device for quicker results.

Besides, it applies more traction force than other penis extenders which ensures you gain length faster. The pads also contain air pockets that ensure faster evaporation of the perspirants to leave you feeling cool when the device is on. Additionally, most of its metal components i.e. the rods are made from aluminum material which is lightweight, strong, and keeps the penis comfortable for a long time.

The manufacturer has also included several packages and models to satisfy your needs and fit your budget i.e. the Value Edition that is the cheapest and comes with basic features and up to 3,000 grams traction force. The Deluxe Standard Edition, on the other hand, has six silicone tubes and 6 comfort pads and offers a maximum of 3500 grams. Finally, the high-end package is the Deluxe Limited Edition and there is a package or correcting penis curving caused by Peyronie’s disease.

P1 Sitemap


-Available in various models and packages

-Easy to use

-Provides maximum comfort

-Quick results in a short time


-They’re quite expensive


Well, if you’re looking for the top alternative to Quick Extender Pro, then Phallosan will come handy in the market. This is an extender that looks normal and ships worldwide. There are two versions with a “Plus” version which is an upgrade of the original version. The new version uses rods while the old version has a strap that ties to your waist and to your penis to create that tension required to extend your penis.

What makes this device stand out in the market is the determination of the manufacturers to ensure the device keeps at the top of the game. With the Phallosan, you can increase the girth and length of your penis without feeling pain or being uncomfortable. Additionally, you will increase your ability to gain and maintaining an erection each time you want to have sex.

From the thousands of positive user reviews on the web, we can conclude that Phallosan delivers to its users within a few months. Besides, it has easy to follow instructions that even first-time users can easily grasp. Just put the device on for about 4 hours each day and overtime, it will encourage new tissues to grow after stretching across the length of your penis.


-The device also helps to straighten a curved penis

-It will help you deal with premature ejaculation

-It’s easy to use

-Works with penises of different sizes


It cannot be used with exposed areas or on areas with surface wounds

Size Genetics

Well, if you’re looking for a popular and highly effective male enhancement device, then you’ll never go wrong with SizeGenetics. It utilizes penis traction technology and its ever-rising popularity is due to its various factors like being safe, comfortable, and doctor-approved for use. it has been subjected to numerous clinical tests and certified for its safety, efficacy, and quality. Therefore, users will enjoy its high degree action plus no harm during its use.

On the market, there are numerous penis enlargement devices but this device is made and built from high-quality materials that don’t cause allergic reactions to patients. And from the studies, they don’t cause any side effects to the patients. And besides, patients won’t feel uncomfortable after a short time since it’s not only comfortable but has distinctive features which make it invisible under your clothing. that way, you can wear it to your workplace or even school without anyone noticing it.

It is also available from numerous packages that give clients numerous options of getting their favorite choice. And it’s also affordable making it accessible to many low-budget patients.


-100% effectiveness in increasing the size of your penis

-Helps to straighten a curved penis

-Comes at a decent price


It can cause a sensation in some users

Getting the right penis extender is easier when you have the right guide. Here, we have reviewed the top three safe and effective devices that’ll enable you to widen and lengthen your penis. Buy one today for a more exciting sexual life.